we believe in our technology

ATR | Advanced Technology Research is a Mexican company based in Guadalajara Jalisco, with more than 25 years of experience developing multimedia platforms, software, and hardware.


We are a global company characterized for its innovation on daily basis. Our goal is to achieve success through the application of new technologies and bring solutions to our clients in their daily lives.

we believe in our technology

Our leadership in the design, development, manufacturing, operation, and sales of our multimedia platforms has made us present in more than 15 countries around the world.


Among other areas, we specialize in:
- Hardware development.
- Mechanical, graphical and industrial design.
- Software development.
- Project management.
- Integral development of telecommunication projects.


We are a company focused on constant and sustainable growth. We offer manufacturing solutions to technology basis companies and sensorial experiences for our retail clients who wish to create the ideal ambience to have happy and loyal customers.
Innovation, vanguard, technology, and excellent service is what we are known for.

Our services

Integral Solutions
Comprehensive Hardware Solutions and Technical Field Support, created to measure our clients.

The continuous development of technologies as well as the globalization of the markets and their internationalization, have led us to the search for new alternatives in integral solutions of hardware and technical support, as well as manufacturing and shipping, logistics in transfers, storage and customs procedures.


We are the leading company in the development, operation, and distribution of jukeboxes.

We help you create the perfect atmosphere for your business. Plus, we have technical support all over Mexico to help you.

The ARION jukebox sounds amazing.
Quality, service, and innovation is what makes us stand out.

We have all the legal rights to the music reproduction that comes out of our jukeboxes.

Selling through all the senses
In Zuni, we use the science of sensory marketing to help your clients get the best shopping experience, we create the perfect ambiance, so your clients can connect all their positive emotions with your brand.

In Zuni, we know each brand is different, so we make an in-depth analysis and research with every one of our clients. We use the science behind sensory marketing, to create the perfect and most inequivalent ambiance, so that every visit to your business is a positive one.

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